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Nadine Abou Zaki is a Lebanese-French sculptor, writer and director, and the founder of Red Oak cultural organization. She holds a PhD in Philosophy from Sorbonne-Paris IV and teaches Philosophy at the American University of Beirut. She wrote and directed the dance and theater performance The Diary of a Mulberry Tree (Al Madina Theater, Beirut, 2017; Hammana Artist House, 2018); and she is currently writing and co-directing Perceptions: A Theater by the Blind and Deaf (2020).

In 2014, she introduced a new concept to sculpture with her interactive performance Please Touch (Beirut Art Fair, 2015; Agial Gallery & Station Beirut, 2014). She sculpted blindfolded by substituting the sense of sight with that of touch and invited the visitors to touch her sculptures in the dark. Taking as the starting point of her artistic journey, total obscurity as a platform of experimentation, she initiated _with the Omero National Museum of Italy_ Doors. Please Touch (2019), the first of its kind project in Lebanon and the region to facilitate the entrance of the blind and visually impaired persons to museums in Lebanon, and the National Museum of Beirut. She is a researcher on the subject of the Haptic Aesthetics and was invited as a visiting artist, curator, researcher workshop at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in 2020.

She held a number of performances and solo sculpture exhibitions, among which Elephant in the Dark, a blindfold walk performance (MACAM, Lebanon, 2019); Please Touch the Trash (BIPOD- Al Madina theater, 2016); And I fly off (Surface Libre, Beirut, 2008); One contemplates, the other acts (Espace SD, Beirut, 2004); Towers of Silence (Espace SD, 2002). She was selected by the Lebanese Ministry of Culture as the sculptor ambassador for Beirut World Book Capital (2009). Her monumental sculptures are installed in front of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism, and other public places in Lebanon and the UAE.

She has several authored books, among which L'homme terrible de la ville, Nazih Khater: témoin, acteur et inspirateur de la vie culturelle de Beyrouth de 1960 à 2014 (An-Nahar, Beirut, 2015; L’harmattan, Paris, 2015). She has been named Order of the French Academic Palms by the Ministry of the French National Education (2016) and was awarded the International Secular Award by the Secular Republican Committee (Mairie de Paris, 2009).

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