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Please Touch

Waste Studio

Wate popup shop hosted the interactive art performance "Please don’t Touch" ("Prière de Toucher") in Saifi village - Beirut. In this third edition, visitors were invited for the first time to perform for one night and become the living sculpture. 

“In today’s digital world, are we still engaging our sense of touch, or merely using our hands to click and swipe away? Should plastic arts be limited to a visual experience? How can I really and entirely share the sensual relationship I have with my art pieces with other people? I began answering these questions myself by experimenting and ultimately sculpting blindfolded in the dark. I understood art wasn’t only meant for the eyes and that touching art works could trigger intense alternative reactions and a stronger relationship to them.”

This performance re-explores senses and re-defines the codes of art exhibitions.

What if you have to touch to see...?

“Living” sculpture: Bshara Atallah
Video: expressionistic film - 3.10mn: courtesy Muriel Aboulrouss
Artistic lighting: Alaa Minawi

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