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PLEASE TOUCH (Prière de toucher)

Expressionistic Film

"PLEASE TOUCH" is an expressionistic film that aims to portray my emotions while sculpting blindfolded in the dark & the concept of her interactive sculptural performance. All sounds and images are extracted from my universe. 


Directed and shot by Muriel Aboulrouss | Produced by Denise Jabbour | Assisted by Bachar Khattar | Edited by Liliane Hanbali | Sound recording by Mohab Chanesaz.

This film was featured in "Please Touch" interactive performance. The performance "Please don't Touch" was held on November 20-30, 2014 at Sation Beirut- Lebanon. It was curated by Agial Art Gallery. 


"Please don't Touch" received a wide media coverage, including: 

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