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Please Touch the Trash- BIPOD 2016

Please don't Touch the Trash is an Interactive Art Performance that will take place on April 16-17, 2016 during Moultaqa Leymoun within BIPOD (Beirut International Platform of Dance) at Al Madina theatre- Beirut.

This interactive performance questions the concept of « waste » and its philosophical, social, economic and environmental dimensions. What is waste? What does it mean for us? Why are we that afraid of « touching » our waste?

Waste encloses within it the human trace of our intimate and collective history and reveals our relationship to the contemporary world. In this performance, visitors are invited to touch “living” waste that will be transformed once touched.

BIPOD is one of the most important platforms for contemporary dance in the Arab World. It plays a major role in the establishment and development of a contemporary dance scene in Beirut and the region.

MOULTAQA LEYMOUN is a platform that showcases and promotes the work of Arab choreographers. It contributes to the development and progress of an Arab contemporary dance scene.