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The Diary of a Mulberry Tree- Al Madina theater 2017

About the performance

Do trees have a memory? Do they have consciousness? Do they communicate with their environment? Can they hear, smell and feel? How do they respond emotionally to humans? Do they feel pain orexperience joy or sadness? What is our responsibility as humans towards the nature and environment in today’s digital age?

Inspired by the bloody events of the Lebanese civil war and by Eastern philosophy, this performance is about a mulberry tree telling the story of its relation to its surroundings. The tree Pyramus unveils its secrets with the Zanzalakht tree Thisbe and humans: it whispers its joys, fears and angers. Through its story, we will learn the deeply moving stories of the people who interacted with the tree and lived around it. The mulberry tree, central in the life of the characters, has borne witness to the most intimate details of their daily lives.

This performance is inspired by the lessons drawn from history and reflected through dance, poetry, narration, music, where art and nature blend harmoniously to create bodies telling the “Diary of a Mulberry Tree”.

Written & directed by:            Nadine Abou Zaki

Choreographer & Dancer:     Jean-Paul Mehansio

Performers:                             Dana Mikhail & Rouaida al Ghali

Assistant director:                  Bshara Atallah
Live music:                              Tony Elieh
Costumes design:                    Bshara Atallah
Scenography & light design: Alaa Minawi
Design:                                     Souheil Saab