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Touching the sculptures

What if you Have to Touch to See?

Usually, in museums or in any place exhibiting art, you see mentions forbidding the visitor to touch the artworks. In “Please don’t Touch”, I reversed the process. I wanted to break the physical distance between the viewer and the artwork and to create an intimacy between both. I invited the visitor to interact with the sculptures, to touch them and feel them in the dark. Displayed in dark rooms, the sculptures lighted up and took shape and life when touched.

"Please don't Touch" is an interactive performance introducing a new concept to sculpture. Nadine Abou Zaki sculpted blindfolded in the dark, focusing on the inner self, thereby substituting the sense of sight with that of touch. She questions the role of image as a contemporary tool, the physical act of touching in artistic creation, and the relation of this tactile experience to memory. What is sculpting without a body? Communicating without body? Desiring without body? She invited people to touch, experience and interact in the dark with her sculptures. What if you have to touch to see?

The interactive sculptural performance was in collaboration with:

Zeid Hamdan: Touch-sound design 

Alaa Minawi: Artistic lighting

Lisa Chehade: Living sculpture 

Bshara Atallah: Textile recreation 

"Please don't Touch", interactive sculptural performance held on November 2014, Sation Beirut- Lebanon. Curated by Agial Art Gallery. 
Key local & international media featured event, including: 

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Please Touch 2014

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