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Please Touch the Trash- BIPOD 2016

« Please Touch the Trash » is an interactive performance that questions the concept of « waste » and its philosophical, social, economic and environmental dimensions. What is waste? What does it mean for us? Why are we that afraid of « touching » our waste? Those cumbersome debris of today’s technological world! Those neglected, unworthy and flawed substances, essential and nonessential.

Waste encloses within it the human trace of our intimate and collective history and reveals our relationship to the contemporary world. In this performance, visitors are invited to touch “living” waste that will be transformed into different shapes once touched. In this filling and emptying ritual, the waste that should vanish remains. It is nothing but the disposals of our history.

Performers : Bshara Atallah, Lisa Chehade, Corine Skaff, Rabih Yammine

Sound : Zeid Hamdan

Lighting : Alaa Minawi

Textile recreation : Bshara Atallah

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Please Touch the Trash 2016

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